About Me

With my expertise in website design, I create beautiful, highly-targeted websites for life coaches so they can focus on coaching their clients and not on running and maintaining a website.

My goal is to make your coaching available to as many people as possible around the globe by creating your stunning website and implementing strategic marketing. Coaches can always turn to me for help in promoting and growing their businesses.

Is a website beneficial for coaches?

Picture this… 

It’s 8:15 in the morning. The rain is pouring outside and you’re relaxing on your couch without worrying about posting endless Instagram updates to increase sales. Your coaching services are being found via your website on AUTOPILOT.

On the Google search page, people are looking for a coach, and it’s showing them your website. Thus, your website is generating appointments for you.

Here's my 3 Step Online Growth Process


It's crucial that your website is visually pleasing and functional for inspiring your ideal clients. To accomplish that, a well thought out plan must be developed. During this step, I analyze your target market and create a website structure that suits your vision and meets the needs of your ideal clients.


We now move on to the code. This is where I translate your vision into a web page for you. Your website is built in WordPress. It is easy for all coaches to use, especially those who don't have computer skills. In this way, you can easily post helpful content for people on your blog. Having a website will help you attract the clients you struggled to reach at the beginning of your journey.


Often, websites fail to perform well because they do not connect with visitors. Anyhow, I won't let you walk away without developing a highly targeted lead generation strategy for you to convert your website visitors into leads.

To learn how to grow your coaching business online, schedule a Free Strategy Call with me.

While you can do it all yourself, is there enough time?

1. Do SEO optimization of your site

You do not need just a website but it should be Search Engine Optimized(SEO) as well so that it shows up on the first page of Google when people search for terms related to you or your business. As a result, Your website will be viewed by hundreds of people every single day. Most of them will contact you because they’d think that you are the solution to their problem.

2. Let the AI bot on your Website be your Salesperson

As soon as someone visits your website, a robot will greet and talk to them. It will also help them book an appointment with you. Please try out the bot right now by clicking the “Chat” icon on the bottom right corner of this page.

3. Publish Premium "Targeted Content" Regularly

Remember one thing… if you get a website and it starts showing up on Google’s first page, the difficult part is to maintain it’s position. How could you do that? By publishing relevant, helpful and premium high-quality blog posts. Don’t worry, I won’t leave you alone after setting up the site. If you’d like, I’ll do keyword research and produce exciting and helpful PREMIUM CONTENT for your site on a regular basis.