Website Care

Ensure your online presence is in good hands

You are a certified coach, so your website should be certified as well.

My site maintenance and care will put you completely at ease.
Monthly rates as low as $90.

Any software can be hacked. No one is immune, not even Facebook. I will be monitoring your website every day and throughout the month as part of a website care plan.

“Is it not possible to do it on my own?” You might ask.

Of course you can. Even if your car needs repair, you can do it yourself. Are you able to spare the time?
What if you spent your time working on what you do best?

My job involves keeping an eye on things on the internet and protecting your website from all sorts of attacks. As a result, you can devote more of your time to other important aspects of your coaching business. You will not be bound by a long-term contract. 

Website Maintenance Packs